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ARTS & MINDS is an ongoing virtual event featuring diverse local artists from a wide range of disciplines who share their work and their thoughts about topics relating to life and the way we each perceive and experience it. Each event comprises 2-4 creatives who perform, show, read, or demonstrate their art as it relates to the chosen theme, followed by a self-moderated discussion that explores that theme more deeply. Viewers and listeners are invited to add their own ideas and beliefs to the mix. The result is a rich mosaic of perspectives that inspire and provide a deeper understanding of what it means to be human.

This bi-monthly event is a collaborative offering provided by local artists with streaming and marketing support provided by UMA – Urban Media Arts. Special thanks to the founding team of artists:

Jason M. Rubin, karen Krolak, Lisa L. Sears, Chie Yasuda, Devin Ulibarri,  Nomadik, Sky Malerba, Amanda Hurley, Ron Cox, Amanda Hurley, and Peter Cancilla.

Premiere Episode

In the Midst of Winter: Loss of Life, Grip of Grief

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”

– Albert Camus, “Return to Tipasa” from Summer (L'Été), 1954

Death freezes us. The departed no longer age. The lives of those they left behind come, temporarily, to a halt. A person’s entire life now comes into view, to be analyzed, judged, and remembered. We the bereaved, experiencing waves of emotions, wonder how we can go on. But though we suspend our activities for a time, we do go on. In the midst of our personal winter, we find an invincible summer inside us that draws us back among the living. We heal, and yet we know that the clouds of mortality will always drift within the sunshine of our lives. Thus, if life is summer, it is a summer that is well aware of winter.

In the first episode of ARTS & MINDS, author and choreographer karen Krolak (Dictionary of Negative Space), author Jason M. Rubin (Ancient Tales Newly Told), and Latvian-born soprano Natalja Sticco, will share their work and their thoughts on death, dying, and surviving.

Also included at the event will be a slide show of artwork by Lisa L. Sears and Ose Manheim.

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