Caught in the act of upgrading a Zoom Chinese New Year’s Celebration

Chinese New Y ear Flyer

One week before Chinese Culture Connection’s (CCC) planned Lunar New Year’s Celebration for 2022, Eva Jiang was eager to test out a new and improved technology that would yield a better Zoom picture and experience for the coming Lunar New Year festivities planned for January 29, 2022 by Zoom.

Well before news of the snow storm that would thwart the full plans of the occasion, the hosting team met to rehearse and record parts of the event at J Malden Center, aka popup Chinese Culture Connection recording studio.

CCC staff and event producer Eva Jiang wanted to increase the zoom quality of this celebration. She researched, tested, and set up the OBS software using an external video recorder and extra lighting. Not knowing the snow storm would require the hosts to record from home, this rehearsal was still a win for the future. It also proved that with a bit of ambition, research, testing, and a willingness to work extra, one can exceed the status quo of Zoom quality.


Chinese Culture Connection prepares! Malden’s Lunar New Years Celebration, Jan. 29th 630-830. Register here-

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Stay tuned for the recording of the full Chinese Culture Connection (CCC) New Year’s Celebration for the year of the tiger. Coming to a youtube and VOD near you.