Justine Rose | A clean pair of shoes in Rwanda (e2)

Culture Matters Episode 2

A trip to Rwanda offers a Malden High alum Justine Rose joy and learning for the future. Raised by culturally curious parents and surrounded by classmates from around the world, it may be that Justine Rose’s craving for travel was born in Malden. Whatever its origin, she feeds this desire whenever she can: during vacation, college internships, and most recently as a biomedical equipment technician in Rwanda.

Immediately following graduation from Northeastern University, where she earned a Masters in Biomedical Engineering, Justine Rose spent two summer months in Rwanda working with a team of engineers at two different hospitals. The trip did more than feed her appetite for travel. During her two months there the Rwandan way of gratitude, family focus, resourcefulness, and resilience affected her. She also found great joy in working together with others to help medical staff and patients in meaningful ways. She hopes to return to Rwanda some day and looks forward to combining her interests in culture, people, and medical technology to offer impact in places that will benefit.

Music in this podcast:

Dear Mashuka performed by Rwandan musician Igor Mabano, composed by I.K. Clement and recorded on the Araje album released on the Kina Music label in 2019. This was one of the popular tunes in Rwanda Justine and her colleagues listened to. The story about this musician is also rather touching. He gained a scholarship to a local music school and now teaches there – paying it forward. Follow Igor Mabano on Twitter and Instagram @igormabano

Culture Matters in Malden Episode, a podcast that offers culture as a lens to explore themes relevant to the Malden community.

Published – February 17, 2020
Host – Ose Schwab
Producer – Ose Schwa

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Gihundwe BMET Team (Justine Rose far right)

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