Malden residents, the Sasaki Foundation is conducting a multidisciplinary study of challenges to mobility and transportation in gateway cities like Malden. They need help to gather information and invite Malden to participate in facilitated conversations and complete a survey that will add to the research about mobility equity. This information will be compiled into an interactive website Sasaki will design this winter. The website will “combine the results from this interactive survey and summaries from the facilitated conversations with informative charts and graphs to tell a larger story on how people get to where they need to go and the ways these trips can be improved. We hope this work will support ongoing and future efforts towards more equitable investment in mobility infrastructure in these Gateway Cities.”

Three ways you can help

Deadline for Survey Entries November 25, 2020

This fun survey takes about 15 minutes. It is offered in four languages and will provide valuable information to research – later to be included on an interactive website that will explore the challenges of mobility access in Gateway Cities around Greater Boston, specifically in Lynn and Malden. The website will be created this winter.

November 20, 10am or 6pm

Partnering organization Local Voices Network will be hosting facilitated conversations by zoom to gather additional resident perspectives on the topic of transit, mobility and equity. This 90-minute conversation will be in English-only, and participants will be compensated for their time ($20/hr for a total of $40). Register to attend.

Share this information

Please consider sharing this information with your community if they live in Malden. Click image for a downloadable document.

More about the project

Sasaki Foundation, an organization that believes “design has the power to address the most urgent challenges facing us, from social equity to environmental resilience” has initiated this project, the Mobility Innovator. The Mobility Innovator “is a year-long initiative to address mobility challenges in the Boston region through the lenses of resiliency and equity.”

This research effort is quite exciting. Funded by the Barr Foundation, an organization “investing in human, natural, and creative potential”, involves several key players, partners, and a funder with a clear mission to increase equity and enable voices to be hear. Aside from participating directly, you may wish to learn more about this project as well as the work of these forward thinking and amazing partnering organizations.


  • Andres Svetsuk of the City Form Lab at MIT, which focuses on urban design, planning and real-estate research. 
  • Design firm Sasaki, with mantra “better design together.”
  • Local Voices Network, “a non-profit 501(c)(3) in cooperation with the MIT Media Lab, Cortico builds systems that bring under-heard community voices, perspectives and stories to the center of a healthier public dialogue.”
Further information about this mobility research project is provided below. Note a coming panel discussion November 19, 5:30pm.

Mobility Innovator - Sasaki Foundation

The Sasaki Foundation, in partnership with Sasaki, is creating get [t]here. This website will explore the challenges of mobility access in Gateway Cities around Greater Boston, specifically in Lynn and Malden. This fall, through an interactive survey, we will provide members of these communities an opportunity to express their mobility priorities and observe how different projects can support their needs.

Uneven Access: Mobility Through the Lens of Equity

Eventbrite - Sasaki Foundation presents Uneven Access: Mobility Through the Lens of Equity - Thursday, November 19, 2020 - Find event and ticket information.