Happy Earth Day 2022

Earth & UMA 2022

Discover the Voice of the Malden River Project

This past year, UMA worked in collaboration with Friends of the Malden River to help clean up the riverway by the Department of Public Works and River’s Edge Park. The Malden River has a history of being plagued with trash and pollution, but with continued awareness and efforts, we can make a difference!

Explore other Earth-related stories from the UMA community (some past and some more recent)

Neighborhood View article about the community art creation - Green Man Mosaic

The article describes the creation of “Green Man” a community art project made by 35 amateur and and professional artists with support from Lisa Tiemann. It now stands in Cedar Park and will be the center of a June 25 “Green Man” celebration in Melrose.

Nature Photographer Spotlight - Ose Manheim about the "Imaginings" Exhibit

A video taken by Anne D’Urso-Rose to capture the process, inspiration, and connection with nature that drives Ose Manheim and her photography. Though an older video, the message still is relevant and true.

youtube playlist
Wonderland Spectacle Youtube Playlist of short familly-friendly videos exploring nature in the immediate surroundings of Malden.

This family endeavor by the Cook/Percival family is a delightful example of venturing out and engaging with the animals, plants, and weather of our local area. Great fun for kids! Click on the above for the full play list and enjoy!