Into the living room of storytellers

Its a Wednesday evening and over 40 people gathered virtually to hear stories and a bit of music over zoom. Unlike a physical gathering, this evening of storytelling literally took place in several living rooms as writer and instructor CD Collins and members of her storytelling class shared their work.

CD moderated an evening that participants remarked in chat as “delightful and excellent”. Scarlet Shona Lee and CD doll interjected subtle and charming comments here and there during the event. 


  • Paula Spizziri, story
  • Karen Phillips, story
  • Lodi Petriv, story
  • Bernadette Mutebi, story
  • Jessica Palmisano, reflections on being part of the storytelling class
  • Evan Kaplan, story
  • CD Collins, story
  • Hodari Fenderson, guitar


Hodari Fenderson

Stay tuned, another story class with CD just may emerge!