Member Spotlight: Musicians and Beyond

Member Spotlight feature: John Surabian (left) and Mark Lawhorne sitting in the UMA Podcast Studio to record an episode for their Musicians and Beyond podcast.

Friends and co-hosts John Surabian and Mark Lawhorne meet at the UMA podcast studio weekly to record episodes of Musicians and Beyond, a podcast that “spotlights new emerging artists, some local and some from afar… but all bringing you great music!”

John and Mark have candid conversations with their guests about the music industry and personal life. They work hard at being consistent, showcasing the musicians, and on occasion, they also invite UMA interns to listen in or even co-host an episode.

podcast hosts with guest and interns
Above, Interns Taylor Lee and Gillian Hodgden join John Surabian and Jordyn Nobrega (cohost for the day) in a conversation with Rachel Sumner.
Starting out as a passion project between two friends, Musicians and Beyond is garnering more streams than John and Mark ever imagined, and they are excited for the future of their show.
Abover, John Surabian, Françoix Simard (Ep 3 guest), Mark Lawhorne
Above, John Surabian, Françoix Simard (Ep 3 guest), Mark Lawhorne

The guests featured on Musicians and Beyond vary in notoriety, showing how there are various ways to venture into the industry and maintain a successful career. Some recent guests include singer-songwriter Michael Pace, vocalist Vanessa Salvucci, and the Grammy-nominated Jeff Batson.

You can follow the progress of Musicians and Beyond by visiting their website, follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and stream their episodes on all major music & podcast platforms.