Rueshare Help: equipment and facility reservations

Reopening Policy and Schedule

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To create/change your password, click on “YOUR CENTER” then click on “YOUR PROFILE” on the right-hand side of this page. This will bring you to “EDIT YOUR PROFILE” page. The “CHANGE PASSWORD” option is on the right-hand side of this page.

To register & pay for class(es), click on “CLASSES” at the top of this page.

On the “EDIT YOUR PROFILE” you have the options of “BLOCK EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS” & “WILLING TO VOLUNTEER.” If you are willing to volunteer, you must a) check the box, b) click on “PREFERENCES” at the top of the page, c) select the position(s) you are interested in beneath “CREW CALL EMAILS.”

If you activate the “WILLING TO VOLUNTEER” option, a “CREW CALLS” box will appear at the bottom of this page, where you can “APPLY” and/or “RESCIND” crew call requests.

If you do not have a production & need to create one, click on the “PRODUCTION” drop down menu on the top of this page and then click on “CREATE PRODUCTION.” If you have an existing production & you want to reserve equipment and/or create a new production, scroll down to the green box “MY PRODUCTIONS” located beneath the blue box “DIRECTOR NOTES” and click on the name of your production.

To check equipment availability, click on “LAUNCH RESERVATION CALENDAR” located inside of the green box “MY PRODUCTIONS.”
Click on “BASE ASSETS” on the top of the page to view list of equipment your project use. To add equipment to this list, click on “ADD ASSETS” and add equipment as needed BEFORE making a reservation.

To make a reservation, a) click onto your project, b) click on “RESERVATIONS” at the top of the page, c) click on “ADD RESERVATION.” Once inside, you can click on “BASE CONFIGURATION” to select your equipment. To reserve additional equipment, use the “SEARCH” box and type in the equipment.

Normalize the studio and edit suite upon completion of your reservation. If you received the studio/edit suite in GOOD CONDITION, please return them to the SAME GOOD CONDITION. If you receive the studio/edit suite in BAD CONDITION, tell staff, then return them in BETTER CONDITION than you receive it. Thank you!

Equipment Reservation Tips: Go through portable equipment package during pick up with the staffer that is checking you out. Go through equipment with the staffer that is checking in your return. Thank you!