Sky Malerba


A Hygge Winter

Hygge, [hue-gah], noun; Danish origin.
An atmosphere of coziness,
comfort, and contentment. To relax, enjoy the simple pleasures in life,
share time with loved ones and be in the moment.

Sky Malerba

“My work relies mostly in the re-imagining of a far gone past, but through the lens of someone in an evolving future. Eventually the escapism causes a modern sensibility to reveal itself. Is absolute authenticity necessary to reproduce something for a modern audience? For art to last it must bring something new to the viewer but it learns from the works that have come before it.

The hygge brought forward with my works revolves around a desire to reflect in a moment where we have little control; to learn from the lessons of great artists and authors like Jane Austen or Colette about life in the margins of society.”

Sky Malerba
“Vintage Courting”

Hand-drawn animation, colored pencil, no. 2 pencil

A study in character design and costuming. I wanted to embrace a traditional medium to show that even though our values have changed, there’s still a yearning for a love of a particular color.

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Sky Malerba
“Legacy of a Writer”

Photography, smart phone, costuming.

The subject in full dress reading the biography of Colette outside in the woods on a muggy day reflects and enjoys a work created before themselves to carry with them going forward.