UMA Holiday Greetings

‘Tis the season! This year, UMA is doing Holiday Greetings a little differently! 

The Virtual Holiday Greetings Photo Booth will be accepting submissions for Holiday Greetings Programming until December 17th.

UMA has partnered with EventKore, a Malden-based events production company, to celebrate the Holiday season here in Malden and virtually! Our virtual Holiday Greetings Photo Booth will be open until December 22nd!

Read a statement, sing a song, pose for a picture, recite a poem or heartfelt note; you supply the greeting and we’ll provide the perfect holiday photo booth! Use the hashtag #UMAHolidayGreetings2021 when you share your Holiday Greeting!

Holiday Greetings are free, but donations are greatly appreciated!

In the virtual photo booth, you’ll have 4 options to choose from: video, photo, Boomerang, and GIF. You’ll then be able to pick from several overlays to display on top of your photo booth! Once you submit your greeting, you’ll have the option to receive it by email or text. Greetings will also be available in the Photo Booth gallery (link below). You can record and submit multiple greetings!

Both in-person and virtual Holiday Greetings will be shown on the MATV channels and the MATV/UMA YouTube channel through the holiday season. A select number of Holiday Greetings will be posted on UMA’s social media channels. 

To have your virtual submission included in the Holiday Greetings compilation video, please submit your greeting by 12 noon on December 17th.

All Holiday Greetings, recorded in-person or virtually, are accessible in our Holiday Greetings Gallery below.

In-person Holiday Greetings were recorded on December 4th at the Malden Winter Festival.

On December 4th, Malden hosted its first Winter Festival from 12:00PM to 4:00PM. During that time, UMA and EventKore captured Holiday Greetings in-person inside our studio!

Thank you to EventKore for partnering with us this holiday season! Learn more about EventKore and their work at!

Promotional and background photography by Keren He and Amanda DeRosa. Graphics done by Mayuka Furuhashi.

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