What is different with UMA

UMA is a broader organization that encompasses several key programs and offerings.

  • MATV (Public, Education & Government Cable Access Channels)
  • Neighborhood View – citizen journalism
  • Gallery UMA – physical & virtual gallery
  • Malden Reads – collaborative community reading program
  • Filmbuilding – co-creative, discovery-based filmmaking
  • Education – Media Arts Education workshops
  • Podcasting – resources & a community of podcasters
  • Arts & Culture initiatives
  • UMA events

How is UMA different from MATV?

  • Though still serving Malden, it will expand its reach beyond Malden, playing a more regional (not just Malden-specific) role that even connects across the globe.
  • More active efforts to connect community online. We have introduced an online community component.
  • Adding new staff and interns to help serve you.
  • Proactively recognizing community initiatives, like Filmbuilding, and inviting new partners to collaborate with UMA.
  • A new pay what you can membership model.
  • More active support for community businesses and groups.
  • More active research about media forms that support members.

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In this difficult time, there are interesting learning opportunities at lower cost or even free and with specialists who might normally be busy travelling or with access to the entire world of youth. Here are a few such resources for youth and for educators and families.

From Intern to “Master Yoda”

From student to intern to staff, Masio, current Volunteer and Intern Coordinator at MATV/UMA reflects on the journey to this role and how he approaches it. “It’s all about being empathetic, Understanding what people want and what their expectations are in trying to fulfill that. Having had interned and worked at places where the culture was anything but inclusive and warm, I want to make the intern volunteer experience very inviting and open. I want everyone to feel validated and allow them to grow into whatever they see themselves being. I see myself as Master Yoda and the interns as my full of promise padawans.”


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