Board of Directors

The UMA Board of Directors is a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of skills. It is united by a commitment to community and to UMA’s mission

The Board meets every third Wednesday of the month. Subcommittees meet at the discretion of each committee.

President, Ari Taylor

Ari Taylor



Jordan Shapiro

Vice President


Lori Ardai


thumbnail_Brian Boswell - Square Crop - BB Edit

Brian Boswell


Help shape the future of UMA and consider being part of the UMA Board of Directors or one of our subcommittees!

Mary D'Alba

Mary D'Alba

Karen Lynch

Karen Lynch

Emmanuel Marsh

Emmanuel Marsh


Alexandria Onuoha

Board Updates

8/17 – Board of Directors invites applicants interested in joining the Board or Subcommittee to complete an application.


Finance: oversight of finance management and integrity

Fundraising/Events: advise on and implement strategic and required events for fundraising

Nominations: oversee board nomination process and outreach

Community Outreach- Membership and engagementfinding ways to engage and meet the community they are present at fundraisers, address community groups work with marketing team, intern team and others. This Committee should also focus on DEIA as it pertains to the work we are doing and the community as a whole 

Development committee /Event Committee: presenting fundraising goals and ideas thoughout the year. Goal is to raise 25k per year with 3-4 events and several online fundraisers. Community engagement is a must, meetings of this committee are monthly and participation in the events is required.