MATV is now

an interconnected hub of creativity, dialog and evolving community


We are located in Malden, MA, a diverse city of over 60,000 residents


We help members of the community create, use and showcase media that benefits the community.


We support and promote the arts and artists, important connectors of the community.


Becoming UMA, an article by Anne D'Urso-Rose
Interactive Malden Reads Booklet

One of UMA’s characteristics is to explore ways that various kinds of media can enhance our experience of taking in and sharing information. For this

A Fresh Start

Here’s to a fresh start and shaping a new direction for America’s future that works for everyone. As our nation takes a step towards the

Neighborhood View

Linda Mazonson Zalk: Places we’ll remember all our lives, by Marielle Gutierrez
Addiction Epidemic Inside the Pandemic: The story from Malden, by Will Sullivan

Malden Reads

Malden Reads planning season 2021 events along themes of Trevor Noah's book

Coming Events


Member Brown Bag Drop-in

Member Brown Bag Drop-in

For new, aspiring, or existing members, we invite you to bring your lunch and join us for an informal gathering to chat about your ideas…

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28 January 2021



Latest Culture Matters podcast with artist Lisa Tiemann


Becoming UMA – Produced by James Mudge

Check out this short documentary that captures the spirit of filmbuilding. edited by Amanda Hurley