The mission of Urban Media Arts (UMA) has always been – to give voice to and engage residents, to give access to a platform for expression in a way that gives democracy the best chance of serving ALL OF ITS PEOPLEThis vision that ALL people are given an equal chance to engage, create, and be heard and seen continues as we increase our capacity and make deliberate steps to ensure that we are truly thoughtful and inclusive. On this page we share how we are putting our values into action. Our journey continues.

Access for all

  • Membership scholarships are available upon request. For details, email
  • UMA is forming a membership advisory team, reflective of the broad  array of Malden’s social, ethnic, gender, religious, age, racial, and economic diversity.
  • UMA is an UP Designated organization, part of a growing cohort of leaders and innovators in the field who embrace inclusivity as a core organizational value and are taking strides to align marketing, programming, and facility set up to be accessible to all people, including those with disabilities, in accordance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) best practices. 

Social Justice Sensitivity

  • Urban Media Arts (UMA), stands in solidarity with social justice initiatives that affirm the value, rights and dignity of all people. Following the death of George Floyd, former Urban Media Arts Executive Director Ron Cox posted a statement that renounced systemic racism.
  • UMA Staff and Board engaging in learning conversations internally to become more sensitive and aware of systemic racism – subtle and overt.
  • We will be deliberately looking for ways to showcase media that gives voice to the underserved and offering a catalyst for change.

Having Fun

Having Fun with humor and enjoyment continues to be an important feature of what UMA does and how it does it. This needs little explanation, but we hold this value as key to helping bring down walls, getting perspective, and helping people feel comfortable to learn and give fully.

Celebrating Diversity

  • We continue to invite a variety of types of people, artists, and groups to the table for our events and programs.
  • Many of our programs will feature various cultural performances and art.
  • We will collaborate more closely with various local cultural organizations to ensure that we can invite more of our local immigrants to share their rich heritage.
  • We will continue to provide articles through Citizen Journalism, that tackle issues -from various sides.
  • We are carrying forward an important community initiative, Filmbuilding Malden: Our City in Motion, that specifically has bridging cultural divides through collaborative filmmaking as one key theme and mission.

Building Community

  • UMA is known a hub or the entire community, often bringing people, organizations, and city leaders together for a common goal, event, or initiative.
  • UMA continues to initiate and support projects that foster connection and collaboration through media and the arts. Examples of this are Malden Reads, Malden Porchfest, Neighborhood View, Filmbuilding Malden, etc.

Share your idea about how we can improve and be of better service to you!