UMA’s mission is to connect community, promote civic engagement, and nurture arts and culture. It does so by supporting individuals with training, platforms for media and arts, and opportunities to connect with the broader community. This twofold focus of individual and community can be seen in the programs we provide.

One City One Book program brought to Malden by a collaboration between Urban Media Arts and the Malden Public Library, that explores what happens when everyone in Malden reads the same book and explores its themes together in various activities.

Neighborhood View

A web-based Malden news outlet that invites the public to participate in local news coverage and storytelling.

Filmbuilding Malden

A city-wide program that connects communities through collaborative filmmaking projects, film screenings, and public media art events.

Youth Internships and Development

Providing training and opportunities to learn and practice media and arts skills while engaging with community.

Afterschool Youth Programs

Workshops, internships and opportunities to engage with and contribute to the community through media and arts.

Consider sponsoring one of these programs with your contribution.