For aspiring and existing podcasters, UMA offers:

  • Training
  • Access to a Rodcaster Pro Podcasting Studio
  • Networking opportunities
  • Help distributing podcast
  • Access to editing stations
  • A supportive team to help you achieve your podcasting goals

Coming soon: a podcast networking session in February and a three part podcast workshop in March. Details forthcoming.

RØDECaster Pro™

UMA Podcasters

Community talk show discussing the latest in local news, events & politics in the city of Malden, MA. 02148.

Long time #Cablecast, new time #Podcast. Around The Rim! mostly video. Beyond The Rim! mostly audio. BTRMic.com. 4 the red, the black & the green! #ATR #BTR #Dudcast #PodernFamily Follow @NesterDudley on Twitter

A podcast that explores culture and arts as a lens to discuss important themes relevant to the Malden community.

Fun life lesson & story telling with Parto Khorshidi

Growing and Glowing

“We’re discussing identity and intersectionality with our very first guest, Neaama Bourote! All of the identities we hold make up our unique experiences and how we show up in this world. Being surrounded by diverse friends can grow your understanding, compassion, and empathy for other people’s circumstances.”(DEI = Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) IG: @neaamaste, @grow.glowcc
Twitter: @growglowcc

Season 3: Continuing The Conversation Grab a cup of coffee and listen in on conversations with interesting people. Learn, grow, giggle and discover you are more connected to others than you believe.

IG: @hifelicia_podcast ; FB: @hifeliciapodcast

Let me Tell You Something is a community based podcast. “I believe what comes from the heart touches the heart.” (Josephine Royal)

“Buckle up and enjoy the ride as we take you on a tour through the music industry. Our guests span from multi platinum selling artists, emerging artists, and the people behind the scenes that make it all happen. Hear the ins-and-outs of the world of music as we ask all the questions everyone wants to know the answers to. Its going to be quite a ride!” IG: @musiciansandbeyond FB: @Musiciansandbeyond TW: @musiciansBeyond

“A monthly podcast by two designers covering the many facets of being a visual artists. They also talk about the industry and how serious business changes have to be made in order to be relevant. They talk passion, motivation and a commitment to our community.” Youtube Channel.

“Stay Scary is a horror movie podcast hosted by Yinh Kiefer and Lisa McColgan. A rotating cast of artists and geeks join on to discuss themes and tropes in horror …”

“A Bi-Weekly Sports Podcast hosted by yo boy Dtrain. In this podcast Dtrain and his guests react to NBA news, games, trades, memes and whatever else goes on during the NBA season.”

Intern Podcasts

Looking Up is a three part podcast series that explores the diversity of faith and spirituality across Malden, MA. Host Gillian Hodgden speaks with each guest about what their faith is, it’s deeper meaning in each of their lives, and the place their faith holds in the Malden community.

Taylor Lee: Tales of the Golden Tornados

Host Taylor Lee describes what the Tales of the Golden Tornado podcast is and what it means to him.

Malden Reads Podcasts

Season 2021

This season ends with one of the cofounders of Malden Reads, who walks us through the process from selection to programming. Want to talk about Trevor Noah AND learn the logistics of a community-wide read program? This is the episode for you. Thanks for everyone who tuned in this season.

Season 2020

A companion podcast for the 2020 NEA Big Read in Malden, MA. Host & producer Anne D’Urso-Rose speaks with community members and special guests to discuss the novel “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury and its relevance in our society today.