In recent years, UMA has taken a facilitator role in bringing various individual artists, art activists, cultural groups and organizations together to discuss ways to increase the amount of art happening in Malden; improve coordination among various cultural players; and to celebrate the power of arts. This is an important feature of UMA currently. It has been in the past as well.

Gathering the Arts and Culture Players of Malden

Over the past several years, UMA has been instrumental in bringing key players of the arts and culture sector together to share ideas, projects, and opportunities.

The history of this particular communication initiative related to the arts and culture scene (referred to interchangeably as the Creative Economy) of Malden began with MATV’s participation in a popup local artist market place. This led to several gatherings, discussions, focus groups, and initiatives that continue to spur on arts/culture activity in Malden.

A well-attended summit for the arts and culture players of Malden took place in February 2019
Creative Economy Reception took place August 2019

UMA helped organize an Arts Matter Day in Malden during 2018 and then in 2019 #artsmatterdaymalden.This gathering took place in downtown Malden and allowed several local groups and businesses to work together to highlight local artists and celebrate the power of Arts. Among many activities, local artist Minghuang Zhang sketched portraits, here seen sketching Shikha Vyas.

During Covid, UMA helped organize a virtual salon using Streamyard. This event that had a theme about how one weathers hard times, featured three local artists: Natalja Sticco, Jason M. Rubin, and karen Krolak. It was an attempt to gather artists even during the Covid restrictions.

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