The team at Urban Media Arts is excited to present a radically inclusive Membership Model to kick off the first year of our transition from MATV to UMA. We believe this model “meets the moment” of pandemic challenge and social equity. During 2021, we will focus on growing our community and assessing needs and interests so that we can better serve a vibrant UMA community into the future.


Anyone can become a member of the UMA HUB, UMA’s interactive online community, free. Simply create a login and by doing so you will have access to an online community, updates on new events, classes, and opportunities. You will also have the ability to join interest groups (like podcasting, video production, video editing, arts, etc.), and more. 

Why Join
  • Community members have access to the entire Uma community through the online UMA hub – to interact, share ideas, learn about events, and engage with interesting projects.
  • Aspiring media makers/creators receive updates about new classes, drop in virtual info sessions, events, and can interface with more experienced media creators.
  • Businesses, community groups, or organizations can have access to discounted (sometimes free) media services and support as well as share about your offerings/services.
  • Youth can connect with other peers, share media projects, learn from more experienced professionals, be updated about youth events and workshops.
  • Artists and media professionals can share work, advertise services, and engage with a broader community about issues, projects, funding, tools, and more.
NOTE: this online community is being developed now. If you would like to be on the ground floor of this process, join now and help us make it work well for you! 


For  a minimum donation of $1 or what you are willing to pay (in the options provided) you will have the privilege of using UMA facilities, equipment, platforms, support, and training to create or be part of projects.

Why Join

As a Contributor member, in addition to being part of the UMA Hub (interactive online community), you will be able do any or all of the following:

  • Produce a podcast or video to distribute through UMA media platforms
  • Be a Neighorhood View Citizen Journalist
  • Be part of the Filmbuilding network
  • As artist, be part of arts-related productions and Gallery UMA
  • Help crew, edit, or provide graphics for another project produced at UMA
  • Contribute financially with a dollar amount of your choosing
  • Offer your expertise or mentorship to others on various projects
  • Run for a membership seat on the UMA Board of Directors and/or vote for a Board candidate in the annual election.

NOTE: This is a very new model of fees for membership. We are inviting you to decide what you can pay. Of course, if you can pay more, we encourage you to do so to help offset the costs of offering this program that ensures equitable access to all. All these levels will provide you with equal access. We thank you in advance for paying what you can.

Coming Member events

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UMA Dropin – Media and Caring for our Natural World

Join this brainstorming session to discuss ways to create, share, and use media to highlight the wonders of our natural world as well as the…

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Note about businesses and community groups/organizations

In the past, part of our membership offering has included businesses and community partners. We are restructuring these offerings to better serve small businesses, community groups, non-profit organizations in a way that is equitable and effective. 

If you are interested in just donating, without joining, we of course welcome that! Your donation helps us expand our programs and reach more people! Thank you.