Saturday, May 18, 2024
Rain Date: Sunday, MAY 19

Help tell the Malden Porchfest 24 story with
your videos, pictures, text, or audio.

Urban Media Arts invites Malden Porchfest attendees to capture performances, interviews, anecdotes, meaningful moments, scenes, & reflections and share them with us to be part of the Malden Porchfest 24 digital story.

Deadline for sharing content is May 31. The collected media will be incorporated into a digital story video to be shared on Youtube, UMA channels, and on the UMA and MaldenPorchfest websites.

If you have questions, email


Label each file submission with your name, band name and/or porch address. We want to be able to credit the band, porch, and you in our story.


Select the files you wish to submit. They can be video, image, audio, or text files.

Submit by May 31.

Tips for Providing Media Coverage of PorchFest 

Video & Photos

Shoot video and photos vertically or horizontally. We’d like to receive a mixture of each.

Shoot a variety of scenes! Examples:

  • Band performances (short or long snippets)
  • Crowd shots and reactions of listeners.
  • “Moments” like kids writing with chalk on the sidewalks
  • Shots of the streets, houses, bikes parked on the sidewalks – anything that tells the story of the day!

Interviews / Gathering Quotes

Gather short quotes we can include in a digital story

Record as an audio or video file, or write down and send as text

Include person’s full name or, alternatively, just their first name

Talk to band members, porch hosts, attendees, and/or organizers! (Please identify who each person is).

Text quotes can be emailed to

Sample Questions

What do you love about PorchFest?

Tell us about a memorable PorchFest experience

How do you think PorchFest enriches the city of Malden?

Tell us about a memorable PorchFest experience

(To band members): how is playing at PorchFest different than other gigs?

(To hosts): Why did you want to host a performer for PorchFest?

(To event goers): How do you decide which performances to attend?