Climate Action in Malden

Urban Media Arts (UMA) is partnering with the City of Malden and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council to help get word out about Malden’s Climate Action Plan (CAP). This page contains links to the plan, a list of coming climate-related events and additional resources that relate to climate action and information.


Click the image to view the Climate Action Plan draft.

The City and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council are busy finalizing Malden’s Climate Action Plan. This plan is a strategic roadmap to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and preparing the city and residents for the impacts of a changing climate. 

The goals and strategies were informed through comprehensive engagement with
Malden’s Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Commission, municipal staff, city partners, and most importantly – Maldonians themselves.

The final plan is forthcoming in June! 


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Climate Action Plan for Malden

UMA Intern Victoria Pudova writes about the Malden Climate Action Plan, that includes measures to transition the Malden community to using one hundred percent renewable sources of energy, promoting and aiding the accessibility and use of public transportation and electric vehicles rather than vehicles that consume gasoline, and the introduction of Net Zero buildings that produce renewable energy that is equal to energy consumption.

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