Climate Action Plan for Malden

By Victoria Pudova, UMA Intern

Urban Media Arts is partnering with The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and the City of Malden to get word out of the draft and final Climate Action Plan (CAP) for the public to respond to and engage with. The Goal of this Climate Action Plan is to help Malden become a
more sustainable and eco-friendly city. The MAPC is currently developing a Climate Action Plan that is meant to address the causes and effects of climate change.

Did you know that residential buildings are the largest single source of gas emissions?

The Climate Action Plan includes transitioning the Malden community to using one hundred percent renewable sources of energy, promoting and aiding the accessibility and use of public transportation and electric vehicles rather than vehicles that consume gasoline, and the introduction of Net Zero buildings that produce renewable energy that is equal to energy consumption.

Natural gas is the largest source of emissions by fuel, produced by electricity and direct combustion (the burning of biomass to create energy used for heating and cooling). Along with reducing the city’s reliance on natural gas for energy, this plan also makes it an initiative to strengthen the infrastructure of buildings in Malden in order to make them more durable when exposed to extreme weather.

Not only is the MAPC’s plan going to benefit the planet, it is also going to benefit Malden residents by cutting back expenses on energy and bettering the conditions of life of every resident. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check it out!

Check out UMA’s Climate Action Plan page to stay up to date with all the various associated events, details on how to enage, and CAP updates.