UMA is a fun, stimulating, and supportive community to grow in. It is also a place that thrives and develops because of the skills, energy, creativity, and contributions of our interns. Our 2020/2021 rebrand process affirms this as many of our interns were responsible for running aspects of our countdown campaign, social media strategy, web page review, media creation, and exhibition curation. 

Types of Internships we offer

For Credit Internships
Interns currently enrolled in an accredited college provide UMA with valuable work hours every week in many different capacities, and in exchange our interns get experience and training in everything that makes a television station tick.

Unpaid Internships
Interns will gain experience in roles that involve live cablecasting, media production, podcast editing, video editing/production, filmbuilding mentoring, set design, marketing projects, and more. Interns will have access to free training and education.

Paid Internships
Interns with proven skill, experience, and initiative will be considered for paid opportunities for various projects. Many of our interns have moved from credit to unpaid to paid to even staff positions.

Why Intern
  • Gain media, project organization, and people skills
  • Be part of an important mission – to build community through media
  • Get to know some amazing people
  • Add to your portfolio – to be more marketable in the future
  • Build your professional network
  • Because its fun

How to get started?

Complete the Internship application, and email completed form to

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Current Intern Openings

Interactive online community hub assistant. We are looking for a student or recent graduate who is interested in being part of a media, arts, and nonprofit team rolling out an interactive online hub. This could be a research project, allowing the student to explore best practices and test out ways to activate engagement in the hub. Time: 2-5 hours  a week as needed. Nonpaid but could become paid with experience and proven expertise. 

Social Media data intelligence reporter. Do you like social media analytics? Are you interested in using your growing understanding social media data analytics to give us reports and help us gather intelligence on what posts, platforms, timing are gaining traction? We are looking for someone who can provide us with the data/information that will help inform our ongoing learning about how to reach our emerging community. Time: 1-4 hours a week as needed. Nonpaid but could become paid with experience and proven value and expertise.

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