Climate Action Plan Summary Video Under Way

UMA is pleased to have hired creative video production professional Bilal Saed to create a short film that summarizes the City of Malden’s Climate Action Plan. Saed served as one of the Filmbuilding Malden‘s filmmaking mentors to the group that created “Understory.”

About Bilal Saed

With over a decade of experience, Bilal Saed stands at the intersection of creativity and technical skill, weaving narratives that captivate and inspire. His journey began in TV and digital news, which honed his skills in filming and editing. Over the years, Bilal’s passion for visual storytelling has blossomed into a multifaceted career, marked by versatility and creative excellence.


Specializing in education, non-profit, and small businesses, Bilal is a one-stop-shop for video needs. He guides clients through initial storyboarding and concept development, ensuring a tailored approach that captures unique styles and brands. His award winning videography guarantees capturing the perfect shot and the ability to edit your vision into life.


Beyond the world of marketing, Bilal shines as a director and line producer. His pivotal role as chief researcher and line producer in the award-winning documentary “Children” is a testament to his dedication and skill. The documentary premiered at Leipzig Festival and went on to garner prestigious accolades, including Best Full-Feature Documentary and Cinematography at the Jerusalem Film Festival. Recently, Bilal directed the art project “Mariam,” which exhibited at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

From Bilal Saed Website

Bilal Saed Show Reel 2023