Community Initiatives

UMA enables initiatives that use media as a tool for community enrichment. By collaborations with individuals and groups, UMA offers several programs that affirm the power of what people can do for and with each other.

Malden Reads

Malden Reads is a Nationally recognized community reading program in Malden, MA that seeks to answer what can happen when everyone in the city of Malden reads the same book. Organized by community groups, city leaders, and residents, in collaboration with the Malden Public Library and UMA, the program organizes a series of event along the themes of a selected book for the year.

Current Book Selection for 2021/2022

Citizen Journalism

Featured on DIG Boston

“a look at hyperlocal media in Malden over the past several months.”… an article by Vekonda Luangaphay

Zane Crute, president of the local chapter of the NAACP, lends his support to improving racial equity in the Malden public schools | Photo by Elizabeth Scorsello via Neighborhood View.

Coming Events

Neighborhood View is a citizen journalism program that trains and supports local citizens to cover subjects and issues in their own neighborhood through writing and reporting and using simple media tools such as mobile phones and social media.

This program and online journal allows individuals without official training in journalism to learn the skills necessary to write articles about issues, events, and stories in Malden. Guided by expert journalist and author Stephanie Schorow, journalists receive training and meet regularly for editorial meetings, where they discuss story ideas.

Stephanie Schorow

Stephanie Schorow

Senior Editor and Advisor. Freelance writer, journalist, published author, teacher, clay artist, avid gardener and cat lover.

Anne D'Urso-Rose

As founder and director of this program, Anne is actively involved in editing, journalist outreach, and program direction.

Saliha Bayrak

Saliha Bayrak

Editor and Neighborhood View coordinator. Student of journalism and communications at University of Massachusetts Amherst.


A collaboration between programming partner Filmbuilding and UMA, this program is “an educational program which curates discovery-based filmmaking experiences to promote cross-cultural exchange.” 

 The Filmbuilding Grid is a social networking platform that meets at the crossroads of filmmaking and inter-cultural exchange. Its goal is to build bridges for change through film-based projects  and establish a worldwide network of visual storytellers that can learn and grow from exposure to each other’s ideas, experiences and perspectives. The Grid is open to all who are interested in connecting with others through engaging film projects, including Filmbuilding workshop members, community members, UMA members and beyond!

Coming Filmbuilding Events

Play list of films made through this program.

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If you have a program or community inititative in mind, please let us know. We would love to discuss it with you.

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