Holiday Greeting

Let MATV, soon to be Urban Media Arts, record your Holiday Greeting or message in the MATV studio at 145 Pleasant or in a local place of your choosing.

You can reserve a time to record a greeting from December 2, 2019 to December 18, 2019. Your greeting will be part of a collection of greetings in the community, publicized on the local cable channels and youtube throughout the season from December 5 to December 25, 2019. For more details and to schedule a greeting …….


Whether you are a local business, community group, family, city department or agency, group of friends or residents, an artist group, cultural group, or more, this is a fun way to feel and share the spirit of the season.

More holiday greeting samples


This service will be available 10am to 8:30pm most weekdays and weekends for onsite greetings from December 2 – 18, 2019.


The greetings are generally 1-5 minutes. You can use some props, sing a song, do a short skit, share a greeting, recite a poem, or any other fun idea you come up with. If you record at MATV’s studio, you can opt for a background for the recording, because MATV has a green screen.

Your greeting will be part of a collection of greetings in the community, publicized on the local cable channels and youtube throughout the season from December 5 to December 25, 2019. For a small fee ($10), you can have a separate video and video link that you can embed and share on your publicity and outreach channels.


Choose where you would like to record your greeting: at MATV studios, or on-location at the locale of your choice! There are two options for where to record the greeting.

  1. At MATV studios (free service) (145 Pleasant Street, Malden)
  2. On-location at the locale of your choice in Malden ($20)


The process of reserving and sharing a holiday greeting thru MATV is as follows:

  1. Gather your team and figure out where and when you want to record the greeting.
  2. Decide on the type of greeting you want to share: song, skit, banter, jokes, unison greeting, announcement, poem, etc. It is best to have that ready to go before you arrive on set.
  3. Schedule the greeting (and make online payment if relevant) (see below).
  4. If you schedule an on-location holiday greeting, an MATV representative will respond to your appointment request to confirm the location.
  5. Arrive or be ready for camera action 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment
  6. Within three business days, receive the video link (if you reserved it) by email and your greeting is added to the collection

If you have questions call 781-321-6400. We look forward to seeing you and viewing your Holiday Greeting!


What forms of payment does MATV accept?

We accept paypal or credit card for online payment (when you schedule appointment). Cash or checks can be delivered before or on day of greeting or you can mail a check to 145 Pleasant Street, Malden MA 02148.

How many people can be part of the greeting?

Up to about 25 can work.

What does the set at MATV look like?

Choose from our fireplace setting, or stand in front of our green screen (and select your favorite image from our collection)!

Can I change the appointment time after I received a confirmation?

Of course. We just ask for 24 hour notice if possible. You can make the change from the email or text you received. Just click on that link. If you cannot find it, no problem, just call us during business hours 781-321-6400.\

What if the only time I can schedule the group does not correspond with the available dates at the MATV studio or On Location slots?

Email with the dates (and location) you have in mind. We will see if we can make it work.

If I am reserving an greeting at a location of my own choosing, do I have to pay online?

No, we give you the option to pay online, but you can pay by cash or check if you prefer. We ask that you bring or mail payment by the date of your appointment.