Coming to Malden April 27, 2024

As a member of the Malden community (past or present), YOU are invited to be part of the Malden Mass. Memories Road Show coming to Malden in 2024.


The Mass. Memories Road Show is a public history project that digitizes and archives personal photographs and stories shared by the people of Massachusetts. 


This event-based, participatory program is coordinated through the Joseph P. Healey Library at UMass Boston in collaboration with local planning groups in communities throughout the Commonwealth.


Since its launch in 2004, the Mass. Memories Road Show has digitized more than 12,000 photographs and stories from across the state, creating an educational resource of primary sources for future generations. You can view that archive here.

Video that describes what the Mass Memories Road Show is, why it is important and how it works. 


Help spread the word! Bring your family, friends, neighbors, community groups, constituents, clients and customers. The more people who participate, the more accurate is the “snapshot” recorded of our community’s history. 


Decide on three photographs that have special meaning to you. Bring them to the event on April 27, 2024. They can be hard copy or digital. 


At the event, you will have the opportunity to share the story behind the photo and have your memories in the Malden Mass. Memories Road Show collection.

There will be other things to see and do at this community event. Held in collaboration with Malden Reads, the City of Malden, Urban Media Arts and the Malden Public Library, the event will also celebrate the 375th anniversary of the city of Malden through fun activities, presentations and exhibits.

Whether you are a newcomer to the city or have lived here all your life, YOUR story is important to our community’s evolving history.



April 2024
Apr 27
27 April 2024
Malden Senior and Teen Center, 7 Washington Street
Malden, 02148

Saturday, April 27, 2024, 10am - 3pm Malden Senior & Teen Community Center 7 Washington St. Malden, MA


The Malden Mass. Memories Road Show (MMRS) was originally planned for May 2020, but was postponed due to the pandemic. In the years intervening, UMA’s Neighborhood View teamed up with UMass Boston to collect more than 100 photographs and stories online as part of the Malden Mass. Memories Stuck-at-Home Show. The photos and stories were re-worked into news articles for Neighborhood View. You can enjoy these community profiles at the links below. 

From San Francisco to Malden: My Father’s Journey

Originally published February 29, 2020
By Diana Jeong
My mother passed away recently, and as I was sorting through her things, I came across a war bond that my father had purchased in support of the Flying Tiger Battalion. This was a volunteer military operation fighting against the Japanese invasion prior to the U.S. involvement in the Pacific theater during World War II. The war bonds were issued to finance that effort.

Birukti Tsige on culture, family and community

Originally published November 27, 2020
Marielle A. Gutierrez
Family, culture, and community involvement. These are three themes that emerged when second-year Harvard student Birukti Tsige was asked, “What is your Malden story?” Tsige’s Malden story began in 2007, when her father, Tsehaye Beyene, immigrated to the United States from Ethiopia. Before moving he served as a priest for one of Ethiopia’s Christian Orthodox churches. It is common for the church to move priests wherever there are openings, and there happened to be a vacancy in Boston for Tsehaye.

Ron Cox stands up for history from a young age

Originally published December 17, 2020
By Marielle Gutierrez
If you are reading Neighborhood View, you may already know the name of Ron Cox. Cox has been a long affiliate of UMA, formerly MATV, starting as a volunteer in 1989. In 2006, he became the organization’s Executive Director in 2006, a title he holds to this day. As Executive Director, Ron enjoys sharing stories of community members via video and television. Recently, he shared a few of his own stories through his participation in the Mass. Memories Road Show. Four stories showcase the richness of Ron’s life—as well as his skills as a storyteller.

Neal Anderson makes politics a family affair

Originally published December 29, 2020
By Marielle Gutierrez
Anderson’s story begins with his birth on March 22, 1944, at Malden Hospital. For the first two years of his life he lived in the neighboring town of Saugus, but later relocated with his family to the city he calls home —Malden. “Malden was a wonderful place to grow up,” Anderson recalled fondly. During his early childhood, Malden’s inhabitants were predominantly white, but this had no negative impact on Anderson, an African-American. According to Anderson, “Color wasn’t a major defining factor in growing up in Malden.”

Linda (Mazonson) Zalk: Places we’ll remember all our lives

Originally published January 12, 2021
By Marielle A. Gutierrez
The physical places in Malden hold so many memories to its residents. However, over time, hometowns evolve—places that Maldonians frequented as a child or as a young adult are no longer there. There is no longer a physical place to attach a memory to. It is important to remember and record what is gone, or else an important piece of history is lost. Linda Zalk (formerly Linda Mazonson) may know this better than anyone else and that is why she submitted three photos documenting her life and community to the Mass. Memories Road Show.

Finding inspiration in Malden’s History: Inna Babitskaya

Originally published March 24, 2022
By Joy Pearson
Although we all live in an historical context, our focuses differ. We are shaped by the places and cultures in which we have lived and in which we currently live. But only some of us have eyes that see history everywhere. Inna Babitskaya’s view of life is indelibly guided by historical and cultural lenses. She gravitates to and admires historic buildings. She seeks out biographical facts. When she writes, she writes from an historical point of view.

Diversity, Service & Solutions: Ramon Norales reflects on his life in Malden

Originally published November 22, 2022
By Joy Pearson
It was the cultural and ethnic diversity of Malden that attracted Ramon Norales to move here in 1997. During the past 25 years, Ramon has devoted his life to family, to work, and to his Malden community through his ethics of service and solutions. In 1971, 7 ½-year-old Ramon Norales immigrated to New York City from Spanish-speaking Honduras in Central America to be with his parents. In New York City, he grew up in Harlem Later, he attended NYC Technical College in Brooklyn at night while working a full-time job at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

From Tehran, Iran to Malden: The Life Stories of Parto Khorshidi

Originally published February 7, 2023
By Michael Cao
hrough key photos, Parto Khorshidi revisits important moments from her childhood in Iran, to France where she went on vacation, and to Malden, the city where she now lives. Some were sad moments, but there were good and beautiful moments, too. For Mass. Memories, Khorshidi selected six photos that best represent her life. She believes these photos work like visual art to tell people her life story. “I put a snapshot of certain significant [moments] because your whole life is full of bits and pieces of events,” she said.

Education Beyond classrooms: Nekita Lamour aims to provide experiential learning for students and adults

Originally published June 14, 2023
By Joy Pearson
A microcosm of the world, Malden, Mass. has an abundance of cultures, each with its own heritage. Nekita Lamour, a Malden resident, wants students to learn more about their own heritage. She knows this will enrich their lives. She has long desired to help transform education for Blacks, especially Haitian Blacks. To her, students need experiential learning and learning from professionals outside the classroom. Their perception of their world creates an internal environment, she says, and that “internal environment has to be positive.”