What is it like to leave one’s homeland and come to live in a new place?

IamMIGRATION: A lived experience

ON VIEW: August 30, 2023 – December 30, 2023
ARTS SALON: Thursday, September 28, 6:00 – 8:00 PM

About the Exhibition

IamMigration celebrates the lives and experiences of immigrants. It features work by both well-known and little-known artists. Most are first-generation immigrants to the United States. Many are students at, or are affiliated with, the Immigrant Learning Center in Malden. 

By way of drawings, paintings, photographs, mixed media collage and poetry, these artworks provoke thought about leaving one’s home country, the nature of migration and transition, the complex experience of living in a new land, pride in one’s cultural identity and finding beauty in ordinary things that transcend both country and culture. 

The exhibit also explores the common experience of human migration. Whether immigrant or not, we all experience transition from one place to another – it can be physical, emotional, relational, spiritual or simply a shift in perspective.  

Gallery UMA invites the public to experience the rich array of artwork in this exhibit. We encourage you to reflect on the subject of immigration as well as the shared human experience of migration. 

An Arts Salon and other events are being planned for this exhibit which will be up through December 2023. 

Special thanks to Benjamin Jacques and Sanctuary UCC Church of Medford for coordinating and displaying the first iteration of this exhibit. Thanks also to the Immigrant Learning Center, Inc. of Malden and all the artists who contributed their work. 

Participating Artists

  • Thaer Abdallah: Palestine: Painter
  • Debora Almeida: Brazil: Collage
  • Glenda Benitez: El Salvador: Collage
  • Dilma Bergher: Brazil: Collage
  • Ania Borto: Poland: Photographer
  • Yurii Burnis: Ukraine: Collage
  • Rejane Andre De Lima: Brazil: Collage
  • Bitho Faustin: Haiti: Painter
  • Roger Sebastien Louis Charles: Haiti: Painter: Drawing
  • Shirin Nazemi: Iran: Collage
  • Sandra Da Costa Leandro: Brazil: Collage
  • Wadner Etienne: Haiti: Collage
  • Rosyna Guirand: Haiti: Collage
  • Nicolas Hyacinthe: Haiti: Painter/Photographer
  • Muhammad Ihsan: Pakistan: Collage
  • Berta Julien: Haiti: Collage
  • Aydan Kacmaz: Turkey: Collage
  • Ridvan Kaja: Albania: Collage
  • Maddie Lam: Vietnam/China: Poet/Songwriter
  • Francys Luis-Ravelo: Venezuela: Painter
  • Wenceline Maurice: Haiti: Collage
  • Mireya Mendez: Venezuela: Collage
  • Wesner Pierre: Haiti: Collage
  • Mirna Ramos: Guatemala: Photographer
  • Pattanan Rinya: Thailand: Collage
  • Fredy Tejada: El Salvador: Collage
  • Jose Tejada: El Salvador: Collage
  • Sylvestre Telfort: Haiti: Painter
  • Anna Thai: Vietnam: Embroiderer
  • Mako Roble: Somalia: Collage
  • Scott Ruescher: UK/Wales: Poet
  • Lidia Russell: Poland: Photographer
  • Wilmer Valdevida: Cuba: Collage
  • Mirtha Pierre Vincent: Haiti: Collage
  • Xuguang Xu: China: Painter
  • Wade Yuen: China: Painter

Viewing Hours

The exibition is available for viewing during UMA open hours: Monday-Thursday, 12 to 7pm as of September 5, 2023. Contact Anne D’Urso-Rose to schedule a viewing appointment or inquire further details about the exhibition. anne@umaverse.org

Above Paintings Credit: Thaer Abdallah, Bitho Faustin, Sylvestre Telfort