Bringing #maldentogether

You are invited to help bring...

MATV/UMA and the City of Malden invite you to participate in a community media project that will document, showcase, and archive our collective experience during this time of social distancing, disruption, and ongoing challenge. The project will take place over the next months and include:

  • A dynamic MEDIA WALL that captures your messages, videos, pictures – in one place together.
  • EVENTS (distance appropriate) to bring us together (if not physically, virtually).
  • Intermittent and a final VIDEO that curates our COVID-19 experiences as a community narrative of this momentous time.


To post your greeting, follow instructions below under MEDIA WALL.


Participate by posting a message, video, picture, virtual event recording, poem, event invitation, podcast, etc on social media using hashtag #maldentogether. For those who do not use social media you can send your post to us. All posts will appear on the media wall page refreshed and available on our website and in MATV/UMA’s front window. 


  1. With Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube, post or repost your message, picture, video using #maldentogether along with any other hashtag you like.
  2. With Facebook, post your image (still image only) directly to MATV’s Facebook page @maldenaccess with hashtag #maldentogether. For videos to appear on the wall, you will need to use Twitter, YouTube or Instagram, as described in #1.
  3. If you do not use the above social media platforms, Email your picture or message to or submit large video/image files to our dropbox.

If you need help or have questions 
or call 781-480-3214.

MATV/UMA is committed to keeping us connected and preserving what we love about our diverse Malden community. We hope YOU take part in #maldentogether.

Logo designed by
Busha Husak in collaboration with the City of Malden.