Zoom Participation Tips


  • Ensure internet connection is adequate. Be close to router if possible.
  • If connecting from a laptop, plug in the laptop wall power. Battery use can adversely affect video quality.
  • Ensure that you have a camera, microphone, and headphones or speakers available.


  • Ensure location lighting does not limit a participant’s visibility (e.g., avoid backlighting from windows or lamps).
  • Avoid sitting in front of windows if possible.
  • Turn on a desk lamp in front of you and close the window shades behind you, which will create much more flattering lighting.
  • Chose a neutral background so that viewers are not focused on your visual backgrounds.


  • Earbuds or headphones are preferable to avoid audio feedback and echoes.
  • Call from a quiet location with no background noise.
  • Use earbuds/earphones if possible for best sound and mic quality.
  • Remove pets from the room if at all possible.


  • If you are connecting via a smartphone hold in the horizontal position.
  • Wear neutral, solid-colored clothing. Avoid black, white, or striped clothing.
  • If using a cellphone use in the horizontal position..
  • Be cognizant of your behavior, you are LIVE on camera people can see what you are doing AT ALL TIMES.
  • Position your devices so the camera you are using has you centered on the screen using a rule of thirds. Eyes are in the middle of the screen axis points as well as allow room above.

For first-time Zoom users