Artwork by Efon Elad

Cameroonian-born Efon Elad presents his paintings in the MATV Gallery, June – September 2017. Much of his artwork has a narrative style, presenting a glimpse of traditional cultures in Cameroon and other parts of West Africa. Other paintings depict snapshots of the artist’s life in the Boston area, where he has lived for over 30 years. Still others are inspired by stories and songs that have captivated his imagination. Several of his abstract paintings are also included.

Despite adverse circumstances in his life, Elad chooses to approach living as a celebration, in the way he has known and learned from childhood. Daily rituals, simple moments, dreams, stories and songs inspire in him a sense of gratitude and jubilation. It with these deep feelings of gratitude and jubilation that the artist shares his work with our Malden community. Stay tuned for a reception with the artist, sure to be a celebration in itself.

The MATV Gallery is located at MATV, Malden’s Media Center, at 145 Pleasant St. in Malden. Hours are Monday – Thursday, 10am – 9pm, Friday, 10am – 6pm, and Saturday, 10am – 2pm.

More info about the artist and the background of this exhibit can be found here.