Corey Road Porchfest

Garage Stage

Bass and guitar player Sean Connelly says when he and his wife heard about the Malden Porchfest he thought “of course we have to be part of this.” One thing led to the next, and soon they had a block party thing going on that included coordinating the performance schedule with his neighbors at 30 Corey Road, installing a staircase to the top of the garage roof stage, designing a banner, and doing lots of outreach to friends – some who will join the roster of bands to perform at the Corey Road Porchrest.

Owen Connelly (age 9) – performing 2:45-3 pm

The occasion has become a family affair. Sean will perform with a few bands. Nine-year-old son Owen will sing and play guitar publicly for the first time, performing a cover by the Beatles and “Wonderwall” by Oasis (also with some backup by the Hey Blondie band). The occasion will also serve as a premature 50th birthday for Sean’s wife Jess.

Schedule of performances

Dave Munro
(from Air Traffic Controller)
1-2 pm
Maudlin Martyrs12-1 pm
Terminal 512-2:45 pm
Owen Connelly2:45-3 pm
Hey Blondie3-4 pm
Tall Venusians4-4:45 pm
The Handymen4:45-5:45 pm
The Corey Road Porchfest compound is a beautiful site for music, fun, and community.

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