Intro to Final Cut- Just the Basics with Amanda

FinalCut Pro

Amanda Hurley will be offering a one-hour introduction session to Final Cut basics on an on-demand basis, taking two interested members at a time.

She will cover:

  • Media Management: Make sure any raw footage you hope to use are properly uploaded and save if your own personal folder or harddrive (we will use sample footage for the purposes of this intro session) 
  • Create, Save and Populate your library: Learn how to create and save your library so it can be accessed easily.
  • Create and organize events and import media: Before you begin your edits you must first organize the event or events you wish to edit and select and upload the raw footage you will be working from
  • Create a project: To create a movie in Final Cut Pro, you first create a project, which provides a record of your editing decisions and the media you use. 
  • Make selections and add clips to the timeline: Adding and arranging clips in your project is the fundamental step in creating a movie with Final Cut Pro. You move and reorder clips in the timeline. You will also learn how to use keywords and save favorite clips, which will help simplify the editing process later
  • Cut and trim clips: Final Cut Pro provides a wide variety of tools for adjusting the start and end points of clips in the timeline and for controlling pacing from one shot to the next. 
  • Exporting and Closing out your project: It is very important that your finished video is properly exported in the correct format and that all background tasks are complete. We will go over this as well.

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