Josephine Royal is retiring

She’s a welcoming smile at the front desk, a “jack-of-all-trades” staff member, a lifelong learner of new things, and living proof that you can do anything with sheer determination and a can-do attitude. Josephine Royal came to MATV in 2008, through a program that placed seniors in short-term skill-building work environments. She was officially hired in 2012 and has served in the roles of Receptionist, Office Manager, and Membership Services Coordinator through the years.

Josephine produced a long-running, studio-based TV show called Let Me Tell You Something (a signature saying of hers), where she interviewed a wide variety of community guests. The show later turned into a podcast which was sustained during the years of the Covid pandemic, as a way to connect people in hard times. She also initiated and ran “Coffee & Conversation” at the Malden Senior Center, engaging seniors (what she calls the “young at heart”) in activities and discussion.

Josephine will be retiring on July 12. The date was speeded up by a need to attend to her husband, Richard, whose health has been ailing. Her ideas, her steady presence, and her passion for community media will be sorely missed. We are still figuring out our own staff goodbye. You can leave a comment and well wishes for Josephine on this blog post and we’ll make sure she sees it.


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  1. Josephine, you have been an inspiration to me about how to be a lifelong learner. Thank you for all you have provided to UMA throughout these years and, to me, on a personal level. During Covid, you were there every day “holding down the fort,” being present in hard times. I wish you the very best in the years ahead and truly hope you will continue to be connected to UMA – as a producer of all things creative and meaningful.

  2. Josephine, wow, the times they are changing! A face we have all come to expect when we walked into MATV/UMA. You have been there through history making times. You were part of that history that some of us will remember forever. It was a pleasure to get to know you, to work with you on your show, I’ll never forget when we covered the CCC gala in Chinatown, that was an experience. You are a woman of substance and your contribution to UMA has been invaluable. I wish you well in your retirement. Stay in touch! Love Marcia

  3. Hi Josephine,
    Wow! We (I) will miss your constant presence and watchful eye on UMA/MATV/City of Malden! Thank you for all of your assistance over the years, helping me and others with navigation of Community Media! I hope to see you at UMA’s events and wish you strength and peace!