Mapping Malden Workshop Ends

I sat in on the last group meeting of the Filmbuilding Malden workshop – Mapping Malden. The participants are almost finished with their projects: memories or reflections about a place in Malden. Their stories are drawn from places like Waitts Mount, Malden High School, Faulkner Square, Hebrew Charitable Burial Ground in Malden, Super 88, Linden School, the Malden Public Library, Faulkner Square, Irving Street Artist Housing, and more. They are using video and image editing tools like Canva, WeVideo, and Imovie.

Though some of the participants are struggling with the technology, they are enjoying the process and experiencing delight at their own creations. Jozef the resident technology support and mentor for the project has been invaluable say the participants.

Stay tuned for the final products and screening event for this Malden Mapping workshop. These digital narratives allow us to travel to and from parts of the world; journey through history, meet members of our community who make up this very interesting city, and connect with parts of our city that are more than just a place. Truly, I was inspired and brought to tears by the excerpts shared in this meeting.

You will not want to miss the stories and accompanying visuals.