Mapping Malden

Mapping Malden was a workshop to create multimedia stories and highlights from the Malden community tied to a specific location in Malden. Participants created digital multimedia stories with original video, audio, photo, writing, and other content.

Produced by Martha Bezzat for Mapping Malden – Fall 2022. A reflection on Malden Youth Soccer by the media maker’s young adult daughters who were former players.

Produced by Anne D’Urso-Rose for “Mapping Malden” – Fall 2022. A reflection on the media maker’s experience of shopping at the Super 88 in Malden

Produced by Karen Phillips for Mapping Malden – fall 2022. Highlighting the Hebrew Children’s Burial Ground located on Lebanon Street in Malden.

Produced by Robert Hayes and Yana Lapaix for “Mapping Malden” – Fall 2022. Documenting the need for Malden schools to have their teaching staff better represent the racial and cultural mix of the population they serve.

Produced by Julia Swerdlov for the Mapping Malden project. The media maker shares her family story of immigration – she and her husband decided to leave Russia and come to America, settling in Malden. She chronicles their journey in assuring that their son, born blind and autistic, leads a full, active, and creative life in their new surroundings. Waitt’s Mount in Malden is a special location in the family’s life and they share their concern for the park’s upkeep

Produced by Nekita Lamour for “Mapping Malden” – Fall 2022. The media maker wanders through her neighborhood, reflects on its history and ongoing evolution, and ponders its future.

Produced by CD Collins for “Mapping Malden” – fall 2022. A lyrical reflection on the healing found through finding a home in Malden – a former convent converted to artist studios.

Compilation of all seven videos as presented at the screening January 7.

On January 7th, 2023, a screening and discussion was held at the Malden Senior and Teen center. Participants shared their projects and discussed their experiences in Malden with the community. See images from the event below.

Prompted by Tom Flint, Artistic Director of Filmbuilding Malden and co-facilitator of the workshop, attendees asked questions and reflected on the digital stories. Some longstanding members said places like the “Hebrew Children’s Burial Ground” were new to them. This event, many attendees indicated, was a great way to showcase the welcoming nature of Malden, its diversity, history, and stories embedded in the various parks, neighborhoods, businesses, and other spots in Malden.

Audience members were asked to give feedback on the project.

“Everybody has a story to tell. If you dig deep down enough in your Treasure box of memories, you can find a story to tell. I invite you guys to look into your own soul and find a story to tell”

“Each story really opened my eyes. Thank you.” 

“I was moved by many of the films I saw.” 

“What I find as a resounding theme is that we have to get out of our cars. We have to get on our feet, on our bikes, talk to people, just really observe and be a part of the community as well”

“To me, a theme is that Malden is really a city where people come together. I know so many of the people in this room and It’s one of the few cities I’ve lived in where I know the mayor personally. People are just very able to build community here and that’s what I think emanates from these films.”

If you are interested in participating in a future Mapping Malden workshop or even venturing out to create a digital story on your own, let us know by completing this survey.