Members Page

Thank you for being an UMA member!

This page offers links  to resources for you along your journey. Whether you are interested in podcasting, video production, Neighborhood View citizen journalism, filmbuilding, or any other offerings we have, we will be on hand to assist you by phone, email, a workshop, or a tutorial. If you are not yet a member, go to the Membership page.

Reserving Equipment and Studio Space

We use a facility, equipment and workshop reservation system called Rueshare. If you are a new member, you will receive notice of an account to “Rueshare,” after you sign up for membership. If you have been a member and have an account, that information will be updated as you renew or change your UMA membership subscription.

If you would like help using this system, feel free to request a one-on-one tutorial or check out the following videos.

Tracking Your Membership Payments & Donations

Sponsor/Member Payments Dashboard: You can track or change your payment info for membership subscriptions. You can also cancel your subscription or renew from the donor (member payment) dashboard. To access this dashboard, you may need to verify your email as a way to view it. You will NOT need to create an account. If you have questions about chaning your payment information, feel free to email (get help) or call 781-321-6400 ext 109.

Get Started

If you wish to set up an appointment to discuss your ideas for creating or learning how to do something, click “get help.” We will also be providing workshops for our members. Details about these workshops is forthcoming.