Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Summer Festivals 2021

Can I apply for multiple dates?


How will the artists/artisans be chosen? Is this a juried opportunity?

This is not a juried show. However we will as said give majority preference to working artists/artisans, defined as being active selling, showing, or teaching and/or with some established presence online and/or in a studio, school, or cooperative. We have a number of stations that will be designated for working/active artists/artisans and a number for amateur and youth. 

How are artists/artisans deemed as working?

Admittedly, discerning whether an artist/artisan is working or not is not a rigid set of criteria but identified by a few criteria: active involvement selling, showing, teaching and/or involvement in various cooperative artistic engagements. A website, online, or physical presence and referrals from others can be used.

How are artists/artisans considered eligible for $50?

The budget is defined in advance. Artists/artisans will be provided with a stipend if they are working artists/artisans with a substantive demonstration or interactive offering that will be provided for the duration of 12 to 6 on July 10 or August 7.

If I am selected to receive a stipend, when and how will I be paid? 

These arrangements will be specified in the confirmation email and information packet you receive. 

If I am an artist/artisan and cannot stay the entire time to 6pm can I still participate? 

We will look for individuals who can stay the duration as priority. Exceptions can be made. Of course if someone feels unwell, they can leave as needed. 

What happens if there is bad weather? Will there be a rain date for a day of events that must be cancelled?

In the confirmation of your acceptance, clear information about rain date and cancellation policies will be provided.

As a performer, how much will I be paid?

This depends on the duration, experience, and number of performers. We will provide this information in our confirmation email to you. Please answer all questions about fees in the application form.


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