Artwork by Ilya Staskevich

The MATV Gallery is pleased to present the artwork of Ilya Staskevich through February 28, 2018.

Painted mostly in oils, the beautifully framed artwork features a variety of subjects including portrait, landscape, still life and abstractions. Staskevich states, “The artwork depends on my soul and spirit condition, on my mood and what God puts in my heart during the process of creation.”

Born in Belarus, Staskevich studied art at the Minsk Art School, served in the Soviet army, and later worked on artistic design for industrial engineering plants in Moscow. In 1985, he migrated to the United States and has since created art as a hobby.

Staskevich says of his process, “Each work must be a reflection of a divine harmony, that is, the ratio of parts to the whole. The artwork is considered finished if nothing can be taken away or added.”