A Hygge Winter

Hygge, [hue-gah], noun; Danish origin.
An atmosphere of coziness,
comfort, and contentment. To relax, enjoy the simple pleasures in life,
share time with loved ones and be in the moment.

Amanda DeRosa

“Film burns when the light touches it, imposing an image unto the transparent material. A chemical process makes this imposition permanent, with the final product being a negative. When light shines through the negative, it creates a positive image. This process seems to mirror human perception, through sight. We use light and shadow to perceive the world around us. We use chemical processes to commit our senses to memory. Our brain perceives things upside-down, but we perceive things right-side-up.

My photography is a personal exploration of sense and perception. I enjoy capturing little moments in space and time that make me feel. I also play with illusion, projecting scenes from my dreams into tiny 35mm frames.”

Amanda DeRosa

Ilford Delta 400 / Black and White 35mm film

At home.

Amanda DeRosa

Kodak Gold 200 / Color 35mm film

My meditative fire; I could watch the flames dance for hours.