A Hygge Winter

Hygge, [hue-gah], noun; Danish origin.
An atmosphere of coziness,
comfort, and contentment. To relax, enjoy the simple pleasures in life,
share time with loved ones and be in the moment.

Curated by Sky Malerba and Amanda Hurley
featuring works by Sophie Carleton, Amanda DeRosa, Amana Hurley, and Sky Malerba, past and present interns at UMA

On view January 21 thru April 6, 2021

Artist Reception Thursday, March 24, 2021

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The Gallery

Amanda DeRosa

Ilford Delta 400 / Black and White 35mm film

At home.

Amanda Hurley
“The Power Nap”

Google Pixel 3

“Hygge” to me is self-compassion, the ability to laugh at yourself, and a good long nap. 

Recently, I’ve taken to writing a series of “inner monologue” songs and I wanted to experiment with bringing one to life through video.

Sky Malerba
“Vintage Courting”

Hand-drawn animation, colored pencil, no. 2 pencil

A study in character design and costuming. I wanted to embrace a traditional medium to show that even though our values have changed, there’s still a yearning for a love of a particular color.

“Songs of the Drum”

Mixed media paper watercolors, markers and pastels

Celebrating a feeling of togetherness and community.

Sophie Carelton
“A Self Portrait Shortly Before Turning 21”

Pencil, Paint Marker

Days before turning 21 years old I drew a self portrait. Created with pencil and paint markers on multimedia paper I hoped to reflect on the years of my life. There is comfort in self reflection and seeing beauty from within.

Amanda DeRosa

Kodak Gold 200 / Color 35mm film

My meditative fire; I could watch the flames dance for hours.

Avion Manong

Mix media paper watercolors, markers and pastels

Celebrating a feeling of togetherness and community.

Sophie Carleton
“Do Snow Men Need Jackets for the Cold?”

Paint Marker

Created using paint markers on multimedia paper I hoped to create something with a lighter mood. Inspired by the huge snowstorm that hit New England in 2020 I wanted to explore the fun thought of snow men wearing winter snow gear.

Sophie Carleton
“Home Is Home Is Home Is”

This video is correlated to the 2020 Winter Filmbuilding program hosted by Malden Reads revolving around the theme of “Home”. As a mentor I hoped to inspire participants with possibilities they could create. Using the same materials as the participants (WeVideo editing software, a laptop, and a cellphone) I wanted to create a video about my own thoughts on “Home” that bring me comfort.

Sky Malerba
“Legacy of a Writer”

Photography, smart phone, costuming.

The subject in full dress reading the biography of Colette outside in the woods on a muggy day reflects and enjoys a work created before themselves to carry with them going forward.

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