Amanda Hurley


A Hygge Winter

Hygge, [hue-gah], noun; Danish origin.
An atmosphere of coziness,
comfort, and contentment. To relax, enjoy the simple pleasures in life,
share time with loved ones and be in the moment.

Amanda Hurley

“Writing and content creation began as a way for me to invent roles for myself- as a frustrated actor- and it led to an interest in all areas of production. When the pandemic hit and theaters shut down, these skills gave me a myriad of ways to express myself, satisfying my need for a creative outlet.

My work may be best described as ‘whimsical slice-of-life.’ I grew up watching Clarissa “Explain” It All,  laughing at Adam Sandler songs, and falling in love with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. I enjoy content that is relatable and cathartic-  flawed characters, observational humour, situation comedy.

We are living in difficult times- my hope is that anyone who views my work will walk away feeling a bit lighter.”

Amanda Hurley
“The Power Nap”

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“Hygge” to me is self-compassion, the ability to laugh at yourself, and a good long nap. 

Recently, I’ve taken to writing a series of “inner monologue” songs and I wanted to experiment with bringing one to life through video.

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