Filmbuilding Malden is a city-wide program that connects communities through collaborative filmmaking projects, film screenings, and public media art events.

By co-creating film and visual art and telling stories that matter we can strengthen Malden’s social, cultural, economic, and political capital within our city and beyond.

Short documentary about Filmbuilding. Produced and edited by Amanda Hurley.
Filmbuilders on Pleasant Street in Malden. Photographed by Keren He.

Our goal is to help build connections between local groups and individuals through film. We believe that collaboration improves cultural competency and creates opportunity.

In this spirit, Urban Media Arts is partnering with the City of Malden, Filmbuilding, and Essential Partners to make this ’22’23 program possible.

About the Program

Over the course of two program sessions in the Fall and Spring, six diverse and multi-generational teams (called filmbuilders) will co-create a short film based on a theme related to the city of Malden.

These teams will work under the mentorship of professional filmmakers (called facilitators) and with help from UMA in-house media experts. These films will be screened at public events in Malden.

A showcase of all six films will take place at a final event in July of 2023, complete with lively discussions, Q&As, mixers, and supplementary activities or performances. 

A short video on what it means to be a filmbuilder. Produced and edited by Keren He.


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We are looking for volunteers! Some areas we’re looking for support in are marketing, events planning, fundraising, sponsorship, documentary filmmaking, and more. If you’d like to help in other ways, we’re also accepting applications for filmbuilders and facilitators. More information on these roles below.

Volunteer Form

If you are interested in volunteering for any aspect of this project, please complete this form. We will respond and discuss how you can play a part. 


Anne D'Urso Rose

Executive Lead

Tom Flint

Artistic Director

Amanda Hurley

Intern Liaison

Meredith Rumore

Project Manager

Ose Schwab

Community Outreach Director


Cara Cargill

Essential Partners Liaison

Mina Kim

Community Partnerships Consultant

Keren He

Videographer & Photographer

Maria Luise

City Liaison

Grace Julian Murthy

Grace Julian Murthy

Graphic Designer

Bybiose Larochelle

City Advisor

Community Advisors

Fatiha Ainane

Director of Emerging Markets and Community Relations @ Ascendus

Souad Akib

Souad Akib

Executive Director. American Association for Arab Wome

Mary D'Alba

Owner. Spiritualitygirl LLC.

Daniele Deghi

Sales & Marketing @ Brazilian Times Newspaper

Nathalie Fanfan

Nathalie Fanfan-Glyman

Fashion Stylist, Personal Shopper & Event Planner

Parto Korshidi

Parto Korshidi

Public Health Professional

Conrad Mitala

Managing Director @ Nunjie Capital Group

Cecilia Nuñez O’Doherty

Fifth Grade ELL Educator in Malden, Local Artist & Jeweler

Karen Phillips

Karen Phillips

Healthcare Professional, World Traveler & Community Volunteer

Mo Saeed

Founder/CEO @ OrbisPay & Social Entrepreneur


We welcome all kinds of support, from attending an event (see above), subscribe to our newsletter updates,  joining the team (see above), being a fiscal sponsor, simply donating what you can to enhance this community project, or sharing about this project with others. 

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Contribute what you can to help fund the various aspects of this project, including venue rental, stipends to interns… 

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